Cloves, Clementines, and Jetlag.

I arrived in Ireland finally after an interesting flight with Air Asia… can’t complain really… but it’s interesting that clarity that comes over you after 7 hours on a flight when you’re sure… Continue reading

Lesson Six: Sewing is Not for the Faint-Hearted (or Heavy-Footed).

Another mountain of clothing this week, this time from Grandma’s winter collection; wool skirts and two-piece sets and jackets… amazing. This one is by far my favourite, and just in time for my… Continue reading

Lesson Five: Try not to steal all of Grandma’s clothes.

Another knitting lesson lacking a little on the knitting side, this week. But fun nonetheless. Grandma is going a little crazy on the wardrobe blitz now. It’s possibly getting out of control. After… Continue reading

Chubby Nostalgia

Our lesson was postponed this week, due to the busy time surrounding my cousin getting married on Friday. I had already discussed with Grandma my plan to wear a dress of hers to… Continue reading

Lesson Four: The Folly of Youth.

My Grandma is a liar. Contrary to last week’s promises that she would only progress with Diana using skills she had already taught me, and was only going to follow on from where… Continue reading

Lesson Three: I Mean What the Hell.

Grandma was quite frazzled when I arrived this week. Like almost-forgot-to-put-the-ice-cubes-in-the-wine frazzled. She had had quite a week with mechanic troubles. A flat tyre on one occasion, a flat battery on another. The… Continue reading

Lesson Two: Loosen Up.

Lesson two began with a very distraught Grandma, worriedly admitting that she had lost the pattern for the ‘Diana’. Diana is amiss. In a cleaning frenzy, Diana had managed to embed herself in… Continue reading

Jenny Kee, Blinky Di and the sniffles.

Unfortunately this week’s lesson has had to be postponed, foiled by a bad cold (or flu? I can never tell the difference…) on my behalf. After battling through a couple of days at… Continue reading

Lesson One: There is nothing funnier than a knitted helmet.

Good news, Grandma has agreed to the blog proposal. When I pitched it to her as “I’d like to make my visits more frequent and I’d like to write a blog about them”,… Continue reading

To Begin…

Why am I writing a blog. I’m the last person who should be writing a blog. “Blog” in itself still seems like a silly word to me. I’ve no idea where the word… Continue reading