Lesson Eleven: Maintain Your Poker Face at the Yarn Store.

I’m in a particularly good mood today. It’s a beautiful sunny and warm winter’s day in Perth, I’ve been to Uni, visited a beautiful friend of mine, been shopping for yarn and then… Continue reading

For the love of fabric tins.

Ohhh I was spoilt this week at Grandma’s… just as the winter chill is kicking in there is nothing better than a roast. Well, unless it’s Grandma’s roast. She insisted that it was… Continue reading

Completed Diana: Pride and Glory.

Yes, that’s right friends, that day has come. She has been completed. Despite the many setbacks; splitting yarn, incomprehensible instructions, an incompetent creator… she is born. And I think she’s the cutest thing… Continue reading

Hedgehogs, Heat-packs and Harmony.

The last few weeks have been very hectic with work, Uni and starting my Prac. Nonetheless, I make sure I go and see Grandma every week, not because I’m a particularly dutiful grand-daughter,… Continue reading

Lesson Ten: Progress is a Delicate Thing.

Excuse the extreme radio silence (I know you all noticed a gaping hole in your lives…); with Uni back in full swing and a new job it’s hard to find the time to… Continue reading

Port Wine Fruit Jelly

This week I had my first go at one of Grandma’s favourite recipes: actually I was all set to put a name in there and then realised it has no name. On the… Continue reading

Lesson Nine: Always Check Your Facts.

Let me begin by saying that I am not a dishonest person. Leaning to the other extreme, I’ve often felt excessive guilt and anxiety over the smallest white lie. I can’t call work… Continue reading

Lesson Eight: The Joys of Nuns and Maxi-Pad Decor.

Recent events in my own career prompted Grandma to speak a little more about her own early experiences in Nursing this week. Where I find I can be a little too sensitive working… Continue reading

Lesson Seven: Printed Material Also Goes Viral

I’m back! Well, I’ve been back a while… I’ve just been lazy. And hot. The heat wave in Perth at the moment is affecting both my ability to think and my ability to… Continue reading

Gaudi, Dreams of Yarn Stores and Extreme Vintage.

I spent three days in Barcelona and loved it. I’ve never been before, it’s one of those places I always wanted to go, and once I booked the tickets everyone seemed to be… Continue reading