Completed Projects

First scarf I knitted. Grandma showed me how to make a button hole on one end the scarf and pull through the other end. I really like this style and use it on most of the scarves I make. This one was cool because by fluke the button also fit in nicely so you could button it up or pull the whole end through to fit more snugly.

I saw this effect on a scarf in a yarn store in Cottesloe, the lady there kindly explained to me how to do it. I love how helpful the ladies in the yarn stores are! If I explain I am an absolute rookie then they usually have lots of time for me.

I knitted this for my sister – my first attempt at mixing colours!

Best day ever when I realised if you use thick wool you can finish a scarf in a day! This is probably my favourite scarf.

I LOVE this wool with the flecks of colours through it, but it’s discontinued now 😦

These headbands are so easy to make and I think they’re really cute!

“The Diana”, as we affectionately call her. Completed with a lot of intensive help from Grandma.


Long chunky scarf knitted with pretty Spud and Chloe yarn.


First attempt at baby booties!


This cowl took no time at all with 20 ply wool… super comfy too.