B is for Beanie

Just a short update on the latest project; the Beanie for Bo Bertie. Yes that’s too many B’s, but I blame my sister, for having an intolerably cute child by that name. Could I have knitted her anything else that did not also begin with a B? Of course not. Toddlers don’t wear scarves. And beanies and scarves make up my knitting repertoire, as it were.

Bo Bertie has been in the world for quite a length of time now, and has been yet to receive any knitted goods from me. I know what you’re thinking. I’m probably the worst Aunty there is. I may as well of pulled her hair and called her short. Alas, in my mind’s eye, this made perfect sense. Take a moment to consider who else might be knitting up a storm for this adorable little creature? Grandma, of course.

She’s made matinee jackets, cute little french hats, baby blankets, booties, and even a matching pair of mock knitted-footy boots in her Dad’s favourite team’s colours. It’s sickening, really. Who am I to compete with that kind of caper.

Alas, it has recently dawned on me that it’s not really about the quality of the garment, it’s about the fact that I, her faraway Aunty on the other side of Australia, made it for her. Or perhaps my sister is just greedy for knitted paraphernalia; wishing to create a mountain made solely of squashed wool. Which, I suppose, I should and can not deny her.

Familial love in progress

Familial love in progress

Now, those of you who say that they KNEW the wool was going to do that (work itself into stripes), are filthy liars. I just bought the ball of wool thinking it would be a mad mixture of pink, purple and orange; as if a unicorn had vomited onto a Beanie. Imagine my surprise. I’m not entirely sure that I’m all that pleased, but it does have a hint of black magic about it, so I persevere. Someone asked me… what if I had of knitted a longer, or shorter, piece? I have no answers, friends. The mind boggles.

The other unexpected surprise that came with this wool was the memory that WORKING WITH 4 PLY SUCKS ASS. Well, at least at first when it’s all fiddly trying to cast on and follow the next few rows. But I suppose once you’re in a rhythm it can actually be far more addictive to work on than other chunkier plies (Plies? Plural for ply?). I mean, the fact that it almost looks like it could be machine-knitted is pretty cool. Except for that wonky bit on the far left. But we won’t talk about that.

Have a lovely week!