Cosy knits just in time for Summer


I’m nothing if not blissfully unaware of my position in time and space. A day does not go by when I don’t find myself asking someone what the date is. I am a repeat offender of the missed birthday greeting. I am covered in bruises from walking into things that I have known were there for a very, very long time. I got lost recently and a very helpful friend on the phone tried to gain an understanding of where I might be by asking which direction the ocean was. I laughed at her.

I try to be better at these things. I try to look at a map without turning it and I try to look at my calendar several times a day to remind myself of the upcoming week’s events and that it is in fact this weekend, not next weekend, that I have that thing. But then when was that other thing? And do I have time for another thing? I’ll need to check that again. Three minutes later. I tried to learn from a friend recently  by asking her how she knew what direction she was heading when driving; she responded that she looks at the position of the sun. Mind. Blown.

It will be Christmas soon and I’m still talking about that thing I did the other day… in January. Which is why, perhaps, just as Winter has well and truly departed and Spring is starting to look curiously similar to Summer (Springtime weather in Perth is usually a fleeting tease before we’re trudging the steaming streets wailing for ice buckets)… I’ve taken the opportunity to go on a yarn shopping spree.


Ooh get a load of that. Baby yarns, sock yarns, miscellaneous scarf yarn that I had to buy because IT IS MANY DIFFERENT COLOURS AND WHO COULD SAY NO TO THAT.

I’ve also just finished my behemoth Neopolitan Scarf project, just in time for 25 degrees+ weather. So I can look amazing and fancy while my armpits yellow and people need to take a step back from my exceedingly feminine fragrance. “Why don’t you take your scarf off?” They’ll ask, as I go red in the face from the very, very pure wool that I chose to use. No way, man. I would rather remove my pants than see all my hard work gone to waste over something as inconsequential as my level of comfort.

T-shirt. Skirt. Enormous scarf.

T-shirt. Skirt. Enormous scarf.

I have to say though, that it was a pretty nice way to spend an hour this afternoon; hanging out at my fave store, Yarns on Collie, sitting down going through files of various patterns and to-ing and fro-ing to the yarn collection to see which colours would suit which pattern best. There was no one in there today but me and the lady working there, as she sat behind the counter cheerfully knitting away some amazingness. All that was missing was the wine.

Ok, I’m off to attempt to turn some of these balls of yarn into a beanie for my little niece. Because I am a sadist.

Have a lovely week!