Lesson Twenty: Vest Type of Therapy.

Oh my it has been a long while. I’d like to say that I’ve been lazy, but unfortunately I’ve just been a big ball of unattractive stress. Gross.

But what I failed to realise, while I was having palpitations about various work and life related things – crawling into small damp corners, eating delicious greasy food and crying saturated fatty tears – was that while I thought I had no time for knitting and craft, these are in fact the best things I could have been doing. Because what could possibly make you feel more productive, more relaxed and more focused, than making something. It doesn’t matter if no one sees it/ wears it/ appreciates it… I made it and that is pretty fucking cool.

Soooo… having said that, I haven’t made a whole hell of a lot. But Ms. Vesty is back in full swing.

Ms. Vesty's back: Completed!

Ms. Vesty’s back: Completed!

Ms. Vesty's front: In Progress!

Ms. Vesty’s front: In Progress!

Only problem is, I have reached the limits of what is DVD-watching achievable. The pattern has all of a sudden gotten very tricky, and, taking my stubborn independence from my beloved Grandma, I want to try doing it on my own before I ask for help. Which is going to require a lot of concentrating and not as much joyful relaxation. I’m sure to many knitters these instructions would be a piece of cake… but I’ve had to write myself out some (hopefully) foolhardy alternate instructions…

My head hurts.

My head hurts.

I have also started sewing lessons, and have opened the Etsy shop. Hoorah for craft! Unfortunately my best attempts at sewing include artfully positioning and re-positioning my pieces of material while I catch up on all the TAFE gossip, and my Etsy Revenue page still reads $0.00. But alas! ‘Tis all in the name of craft.

The entire range of my shop's produce. Every day they ask, "But why does nobody want me?"...."I don't know, little scarves. I just don't know."

The entire range of my shop’s produce. Every day they ask, “But why does nobody want me?”….”I don’t know, little scarves. I just don’t know.”

And although it’s unruly to mix knitting and politics… suffice to say that Ms. Vesty will be voting Greens. Grandma, no doubt, will be voting Liberals, surprise surprise, which has led to many a tense conversation over our knitting needles. Whereby I try to hold my tongue about Tony Abbott’s being a massive tool, and my Grandma makes many poor impressions of poor old Kevin-Oh-Seven (as I fondly like to remember him), desperately trying to keep back that wisp of flyaway hair. I will be glad when it’s all over, though me and Ms. Vesty may need to emigrate if it goes Grandma’s way.

Have a lovely, lovely week 🙂