Lesson Nineteen: How to spend your pocket money in the 1940’s.

Just a quick update this week, to show you this growing girl:

So proud!

So proud!

She’s coming along! Last week I actually remembered to take her to Grandma’s who was most impressed with my progress and explained the next lot of instructions to me, which on the surface looked complicated but it was really just the way it was written. I think by next week the back of Ms. Vesty will be finished and we can move on to the front. Contain your excitement!!

Last week Grandma and I treated ourselves to some take out – Fish and Chips. I had suggested this particular take-out option because I seemed to remember Grandma speaking of some fond Fish-and-Chips-related memories. I had thought they were about when my Dad was little, but actually her memories were of her own childhood.

Grandma said that when she and her younger sister were little, once a week they were given some money, 6 pence to be exact, to go down and watch a movie at the local cinema, which, Grandma explained, bought you 2 movies in fact, as all films were shown as double features back then, after a newsreel. I asked if perhaps this wasn’t a bit much for little girls to sit through, but she explained that the length of the movies were much shorter back then. Of course 😉

I love going to the cinema so I was eager to know as much as possible of what going to the cinema was like in the 1940’s, but I think it’s difficult for Grandma to grasp what might be novel concepts to me; to her it was just a normal, nice activity. I did ask her if she remembered any of the films she saw, or had any favourites… the only one she could remember really liking was ‘Snow White’. When looking for a ‘Snow White’ that Grandma may have seen prior to the one I know and love, I found it was one and the same (1944 Snow White Trailer can be viewed here). I knew the Walt Disney version was made a long time ago, but it’s strange to think of Grandma and I watching the same movies as children. It’s nice to know that some stories surpass time.

Another cartoon I hadn’t realised was made so long ago, and came across while searching this, was one of my favourite cartoons; Dumbo (adorable 1941 trailer here.) Will have to ask Grandma if she saw that one for 6 pence too!

Oh and the Fish and Chips story related to this? Grandma and her sister were also given 3 pence (thrippence, as Grandma says) to buy a serve of Fish and Chips to share after the cinema, as an absolute treat. Cute! She said in those days they were wrapped in the first layer with plain paper, then all newspaper.

Mmm… now I feel like Fish and Chips again…

Have a lovely week!

Guaranteed to make me cry, every time.

Guaranteed to make me cry, every time.