What is true self control?



My friend in high school used to make Mars Bar Slice. I would always beg her to make it, for any occasion that arose, but when she (subtly) handed me the recipe, I knew I’d never make it myself. 6 Mars Bars? Blocks of chocolate? What kind of Buddhist Monk could resist gobbling up the tasty ingredients before they’d so much as got out the chopping board??

But this week I was at a loss, needing to make some sort of tasty treat both for an upcoming Crafternoon (yay!) and a good friend’s impending return to Perth (yay!), with very little time and a lot of laziness. I decided to attempt the Mars Bar Slice. I also decided I would take pictures and blog about it later, so that I would have some incentive in being able to say, LOOK AT HOW AMAZING MY SELF CONTROL IS, THAT I DID NOT EAT ANY OF THESE TASTY INGREDIENTS. And I am proud to say lads… I didn’t.

Here we go…

Ingredients (From Avoca Tea Time (2007)):

Tin size: 30cm x 20cm x 4cm
6 x 65g Mars Bars
200g butter
200g Rice Crispies
250g milk chocolate

Ohhh the temptation...

Ohhh it seriously would only take me 60 seconds… nom nom nom…

1.) Cut the butter and Mars Bars into small chunks and place in a saucepan. Put over low heat and stir with a balloon whisk until melted.








2.) Add the Mars Bars/ butter mixture to the Rice Crispies a large bowl. Stir well until all ingredients are combined.


I may have had a very small spoonful at this point. Just, you know, to check.


3.) Put into a lined tin and press down with the palm of your hand until firm (I used the back of a metal spoon… hands stick to the Crispies and make it all uneven…). Melt the chocolate either in a microwave on low for 1-2 mins, or over a saucepan of simmering water. Pour over the biscuits, spread evenly with a palate knife and leave to set.




4.) When set turn out on a board and cut into squares.




Ok I may have gone a bit nuts on the taste-testing after this point… but the point is that I resisted long enough to actually make the slice, with all ingredients included. Go me.


Now of course I couldn’t go without updating you on the progress of Ms. Vesty, who is doing very well indeed…


Mistake-free for about 2 weeks now! Yesssss. This is the back, if you remember, and just decreasing now for the armholes. I am very proud that she is making such good progress. And Grandma is relieved that she does not have to spend every visit fixing my mistakes 🙂

Have a lovely week.