Lesson Sixteen: How to be 82 at 28



Despite the lack of evidence to back up this theory; I like to think my tendency to behave like a Nanna is endearing. When I drive 20km below the speed limit, when I furrow my eyebrows in confusion over iPhone apps, when I start to yawn at 9.30pm on a Saturday night, when I list my hobbies as reading and knitting… I like to think that when others raise their eyebrows and shake their heads, they’re laughing WITH me.

The one person I would have thought might consider my behaviour normal, maybe even ‘cool’, might be my 80+ year old Grandma. This week we were talking about the fact that I have started to ride into work (Nicole Kidman eat your heart out), and Grandma began doing the Grandma thing of fretting about my safety, advising me to be careful. Chuffed with my acute sense of Nanna-esque safety, I told her I only ride on the footpath and cycle ways; she was relieved. I told her I always wear a helmet; she crooned. I told her I brake down hills, even when there is a line of frustrated high-speed cyclists behind me, because I’m afraid of travelling at high speed. She grimaced slightly, and gave me a look that seemed to say, “Jesus… even I wouldn’t do that.”

Saving up for my dream bike! (www.reidcycles.com.au)

Saving up for my dream bike! (www.reidcycles.com.au)

I was also caught out this week with my Nanna-esque memory. For the last two weeks Grandma and I have re-visited Ms. Vesty, which Grandma has now started all over again because of my shoddy casting-on. But Grandma told me she didn’t have the pattern to be able to tell if she had re-created the bask correctly, and could I please bring it to her. Trying not to sound too smug, I told her no, I had left it here. What point would there have been for me to take it home when she had the needles and yarn? She persisted that I had taken it, so I had a look at home, just to amuse her, came back the next week and said no, it’s here, but re-assured her that I could buy anther pattern book. I told her not to worry about it, poor old duck. She insisted she was sure she never had it, I inwardly shook my head in disbelief, that she would think that my young, fresh, neuronal speedway of a brain would not have the capacity to more accurately record these facts.

I found the pattern book in a bag in my room a few days ago.

So, as you may have gathered, Ms. Vesty has sat lonely and incomplete for some time now. But I’m determined to pick up the slack next week. I have also bought a whole bunch of wool to start on some more projects for Etsy; big chunky wrap-around cowl scarves. I’m much more motivated to make these after seeing how useful mine was in chilly Sweden! At home in winter I used to just wear it more as a cosy decoration, but if I wrap it twice around it starts to get a lovely slack-ness to it, and became my favourite scarf. You can see one I made here.

Still figuring out the colour combinations but hopefully this will make me three scarves...

Still figuring out the colour combinations but hopefully this will make me three scarves…

Otherwise, three ‘fancy scarves’ have been completed for this project as well, shown above. There is a fourth pink and black one, but that was the one I made a bit wider and I didn’t like so much, so I’m unravelling it to re-make it like these.

Admittedly the heat does not make for good knitting weather at the moment, but I’m determined to at least get a little done each week.

Have a lovely week!