Christmassy Goodness: London II

Just a quick update before Christmas… been a busy bee this week making Christmas decorations and knitting…



I made this Advent Calendar using print-outs from the amazing Zugalerie Blog, I recommend you check them out they have loads of cool print-outs with easy-to-follow fold lines. Yes the entire website is in French but just click on the pretty pictures and PDF’s and voila!




It’s been getting chilly in London this week, no snow but one morning showed some frosty promise:




So it was perfect weather for knitting in the cosy indoors while churning through episodes of The Wire…







I think the first attempt at Fancy Scarf may have been a little too thick with too much black edging, so I’m trying out something different with the mint-and-cream combination. If it words I might unravel the pink-and-black and remake it. What do you think? I really like the colour combinations so far… loving the pastels! Wondering if I should go back to get more… how much wool can I fit in my little suitcase I wonder…

Other London highlights of the week?

Cute little bars in 14th-Century-building Bed and Breakfast!




And Ice-Skating under Christmas Trees to the dulcet tones of George Michael. No I did not participate. But I yelped (with joy?) watching all the other fools fall over.






Merry Christmas! xxx