Lesson Fifteen: If These Hearing Aides Could Talk…

We changed it up a bit this week and I went to see Grandma for lunch instead of dinner (I know, all you employed lads must be soooo jealous. Never mind that I’m eating Baked Beans for dinner all this week…).

I was expecting sandwiches, but then Grandma whips this up!



Of course she went on about what a disaster it was. I’m curious to see what a dish Grandma is actually proud of would taste like!

Grandma had been to her yearly check-up this week, and had been given the all-clear for supreme health, despite her grumbles that her memory has turned into a wet sock.

To test this, the GP apparently asked her to remember three things at the beginning of the session, and recall them at the end of the session: House, Bus, and Dog. When the GP congratulated her for remembering them, Grandma huffed, “You’re just trying to make me feel better.”

Although, I admit that even I began to question this all-clear, when Grandma was later cooking and mentioned casually to me that she had just heard voices… Fortunately it turned out that her hearing aide was out of battery, and had told her so. How cool is that! I asked her what it said and she mimicked it: “Low Battery”, and complained that it’s in an American accent.

“You’d prefer something a bit more like, ‘G’day mate, your battery’s a bit low, Codger?’ ”

“Yes!” She said.

And just when you thought I couldn’t possibly steal any more of Grandma’s clothes…

Oh yes I did.

Oh yes I did.

Apparently Grandma made this “just to wear around the house” when she was young, but I’m going to be donning this as my new favourite summer frock. I love the fabric and it’s nice and cool to wear.

As for Ms. Vesty, somehow I have managed to stuff her up AGAIN, so we are going to give Grandma’s traditional-style moss stitch a go instead, which she said will be easier for me. I’m too afraid to take Ms. Vesty on holidays with me though without Grandma there to forever fix my mistakes…so Grandma will be babysitting her while I’m gone. Hopefully she can resist just finishing her herself!!

Have a lovely week!