Lesson Fourteen: Trudge On.

Well it’s been a bit of a trying week… being unemployed is surprisingly not as glamourous as it sounds after a while, and when I began losing interest in crafty activities that pretty much left me sitting on the couch churning through a lot of DVD time. Not cool.

But I woke up this morning with a sudden inspiration to use my newfound acres of time and space to set up an Etsy account. Some of you may know that this was a goal of mine when I started this blog, but I think for me that was always going to feel years away, never quite being happy enough with the quality of my knitting. But a friend suggested it again recently and I thought, maybe I could start out with scarves which I quite enjoy making, have more experience with, and can muck around a bit more with my own styles and patterns.

So with sleep-encrusted eyes and hair stuck up all over my head, this is what I came up with in bed this morning:

Move over Versace…

I swear my handwriting is usually quite nice. Don’t you judge me.

My drawing, however, is always this terrible and I take full responsibility for that.

The reference to Korean girls? When I visited Korea for a couple of weeks about two years ago, it was the middle of winter and the young girls there were so beautiful and stylish, and tended to wear this ginormous wide and long wool scarves wrapped around their necks and shoulders. They were pretty neat. The only problem with re-creating these to sell in a handmade market is that with the amount of wool I’d need to buy and the time it would take me to knit it, I’m not sure anyone would want to pay enough that would make it worth my time, or even make me a profit.

Obviously the Etsy shop is still a way off because I would need to make the merchandise first before opening it. But I’m getting excited about the prospect 🙂


The trip to Grandma this week was lovely, albeit a little traumatic. This is how Ms. Vesty is now presenting.

Some of you may appreciate that she is less than half the Vest she used to be. Grandma was not pleased with the moss stitch so took it all the way back to the bask while I tried not to hyperventilate. The problem now is, once we re-started it, she’s still not quite pleased. The pattern called this “double moss stitch”, but the instructions are very different from what Grandma understands double moss to be. She wanted to ignore the instructions and do it the way she knows… but I’m a stickler for the rules, plus I’d like to be able to follow the pattern exactly so I can try to start knitting a bit more independently.

And so we trudge on. But I admit I haven’t been very productive with it, in fear it will all have to be unravelled again.

Wish me luck!