A Vesty Update

Just a quick update on all things Vest: she is coming along nicely so far. What you see here is a product of completely independent pattern-reading and knitting… I haven’t consulted Grandma yet, and am very proud of myself for being able to read some very basic pattern instructions. This has never before been attempted (successfully).

I am a little concerned about the moss stitch though… does this look right to you, fellow knitters? I know I stuffed it up somewhere along the way because I ended up with an extra stitch (HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN) and had to correct, but I’m not sure if that affected the look of it, because I’m not entirely certain how moss stitch is supposed to look.

The back of the “over-size vest”

I think I will call her, Ms. Vesty. Vest of the bunch. The very Vest impression. Ok I’ll stop.

I’m seeing Grandma this week so I’m quite excited to see what she thinks of Ms. Vesty. I have a terrible feeling she’s going to make me unravel her and start again though…

Have a lovely week!