Lesson Thirteen: It’s not lazy if it’s crafty.

So with studies finally finished with (hoorah!), there’s no excuses for lack of posts. Shifting from ‘student’ status to ‘unemployed’ means you need to make extra effort to avoid stereotypes… so I think the best thing for me to do is to get off the couch, turn off the TV, and get a little crafty. Well, I’ll make a cup of tea first. Maybe read a little. Maybe paint my toenails.

Firstly I would like to brag about my growing knitting needle collection… thanks to some some lovely gifts and some vintage store finds I think it’s coming along nicely! It would be nice to be able to pick out a pattern and be able to start straightaway without a trip to the store for the right needles. One day…

I’m loving the vintage finds because they’re so cheap too!

On a recent trip to Melbourne I found these little beauties in a vintage store in Fitzroy – tortoise shell needles. I’m always keeping a look out for them because Grandma’s have all broken and she said they don’t sell them anymore. At first I was all like ‘Pfffttt, of course they do’, and set out to buy her some… but if you have a look most of the ones that are tortoise shell in appearance, are made of plastic. Outrageous. How dare those tortoises keep all that lovely shell to themselves. Smug little bastards.

So I was pleased as punch to find these. If you look very closely the label says, ‘Unbreakable’, which I think is pretty cool. They’re basically The Hulk of knitting needles then?

Pretty, huh?

I have been keeping a little busy though, always finding ways to procrastinate when it’s time to finish assignments. I’ve become quite fond of making pom poms when I’m watching TV… I think if I’m making something while I watch TV it somehow makes me feel less guilty? And so I’m creating a growing army of pom poms… with no real idea of what I’m going to do with them. Suggestions are very welcome. So far they’re acting as a decorative piece on my bedroom door…

I’ve also finished another cowl with the wool I bought a while ago, with a basket weave that was explained to me by one of the lovely ladies at Yarns on Collie in Fremantle. It took me a while to work out a system for remembering which stitch came next, but after that it was really easy and didn’t require too much thought (best for TV time 🙂 ) For anyone that hasn’t tried basket weave, here is what was written down for me: “5 purl, 5 knit for 5 rows. 5 knit, 5 purl for 5 rows”. And so forth.

The wool is Italian and really lovely and soft: 31% Alpaca, 31% Wool, 38% Acrylic.

Oh the awkward selfie…

So what next?? I finally bought myself a pattern book (Knitting with the big kids now!), and Grandma and I perused a few patterns before deciding on an ‘oversized vest’ for me; it’s quite pretty. I needed 12 ply Patons Jet, and was pretty pleased with the colour options at the store… but there was some trouble finding 11 50g balls of the same colour. The colour I decided on only had 9 of the same dye lot… so I’ll have to incorporate 2 rogue balls from another dye lot. I was hesitant to go ahead with this as I have received the “always make sure the yarn is from the same dye lot” speech from Grandma many a time… apparently you will be knitting away happily but the slight variation in colour from a different dye lot batch will come out looking like an awkward stain. However the lady at Yarns on Collie said you can alternate the cheeky impostors in with the right wool, or just use them for the waistband only. Grandma seems confident we can work something out, mainly because she’s pretty fond of the colour I picked and the only other alternatives were black and cream. This colour has been discontinued so we can’t order more.

The pattern uses moss stitch which I’ve never tried before, so it’ll be nice to learn that too. Will be starting it up soon.

Have a lovely week!