Lesson Twelve: Olympics in the Modern Age.

The last couple of weeks visiting Grandma has been awash with Olympics talk. Not really from my side; I like a bit of the Gymnastics and Synchronised Diving just for the sheer freakishness of it all, but otherwise I am not very patriotic and don’t understand how most sports even work.

But Grandma is incredibly patriotic and loves watching sports, so she can hardly wait for me to get in the door before she’s updating me on who’s won a medal, the race she most recently watched, and whatever scandal may have led to Australia’s pretty average medal count.

I have been all over the man-beanie like a rash these last couple of weeks so really I just needed to keep doing what I was doing, which meant more time could be spent in front of the TV with a cup of tea.

Now, Grandma had already voiced her opinion of the TV commentators to me by this time, saying she loathes “Eddie Everybody” (has anyone else heard Eddie Maguire referred to as this, or is my Grandma just a wordsmithing genius?) and dislikes the rest of them because she doesn’t think they know what they’re talking about. Ok, I can accept this, fair enough.

What I’m not sure about is turning the sound of the TV right down, and the radio right up, and watching/ listening simultaneously, which is what my Grandma proceeded to do. I had forgotten that Grandma did this. When she used to babysit us as kids, she would watch the Australian Rules Football on TV with the sound down and the radio on. But I was usually busy doing other things.

So we’re watching the running races (Yes I know I shouldn’t call them running races like it’s the Primary School athletic carnival but this is essentially what they are). The voice on the radio exclaims “Oh! It’s a break!”, but no one has moved. Twenty seconds later someone breaks. It’s like I’m in one of those films where I know the future ahead of time. Like the radio is talking just to me, because Grandma does not seem to be fazed.

Then we’re watching the Waterpolo while they’re commenting on the Equestrian. It’s changed back the running races but they’re talking about water conditions in the Yacht race.

Then it’s Usain Bolt’s first heat. I’ve never seen him before. He’s doing all these hilarious gestures before the race even starts. I’m thinking, Who is this guy? What’s his beef? Then finally he comes off the track, hardly panting with a cheeky grin on his face, walks up to the microphone for a chat and…. What’s that, Usain? Nope, nothing. Not on the radio. They’re talking about the triple bar jumps.

Yup, that’s how I feel. (Image from thegrio.com)

I do think it’s adorable how that generation are still so keen on the wireless, and I like to imagine how society was before there were televisions and everyone would sit around the radio doing their needlework or knitting or whatever. I would like to try to do that more in my daily life, because I do think you can be more productive listening to the radio or to music. Sometimes it even seems like a healthier way to unwind, even, rather than being mindlessly sucked into TV or DVDs. However, I am not a believer in the simultaneous use of both mediums, I’m sorry Grandma. Man must make a choice.

Good news is, the beanie is coming along nicely. I am pretty chuffed with the Patons pattern we’re following – so much easier to understand than the Diana! But because we’ve changed the measurements I need Grandma’s help with the next stage: decreasing. See picture below 🙂

Have a great week!


YES it’s a beanie, not a cloak for a small child….