Lesson Eleven: Maintain Your Poker Face at the Yarn Store.

I’m in a particularly good mood today. It’s a beautiful sunny and warm winter’s day in Perth, I’ve been to Uni, visited a beautiful friend of mine, been shopping for yarn and then came home to a letter from my most favourite German girl on the planet. She may argue that I do not know that many Germans, but I say, poppycock. She also has a blog you can check out here, all about her amazing vegetable garden and probably about a whole bunch of other things… I’m unsure. I don’t speak German.

I have been pottering away at a couple of things at home this week, and even had a Crafternoon day at my house with a little group of creative ladies, which was pretty wonderful. I highly recommend a Crafternoon! It’s so easy to organise just on Facebook and it’s great whiling a lazy Sunday away with lovely friends, chats and a bit of craftiness. There were lots of yummy sugary treats brought along too! It’s great having friends around to ask for advice as well, and share techniques. We had a bit of an expert in our midst as well, which always helps! You can check out Mel’s beautiful crochet on sale at Etsy, here.

Another very talented friend of mine showed me how to make these little beauties:

Excuse the hand-modelling, but I like showing how weeny they are!

They are so easy! There are indeed lots of bubs on the way too so I hope to make a few different colours and sizes. Hopefully I can get the knack of making the pair the SAME size in future… which you may or may not have noticed was not achieved in the example above.

I also whipped this guy up on a lazy Sunday in front of the TV… I had never actually tried any joining prior-booties, but once my friend had shown me what to do, I realised I could now try a cowl! Made this out of some wool that’s been lying around for ages following Grandma and I’s botched attempt at making mittens… the splash of colour was a little bit of wool I had left after knitting a friend a scarf… I thought I had a bit more there but a little bit of wool doesn’t go very far with 20 ply! Oh well I still like it.

Awkward self-portraiture a must for this one…

The last couple of weeks has been a bit unproductive on the beanie front… Grandma has started making a habit of cooking me amazing dinners that of course have to consist of three courses and cups of tea to follow, and by the time we’ve changed to the subject of knitting, I’m really too full and tired and ready to head home. But alas! This week will indeed be a productive one; Grandma called me yesterday advising me that she had a pattern ready and that I needed to pick up two 50g balls of 10-12 ply.

So today I headed to a yarn store I’ve not visited before; Crossways Wool and Fabrics in the Crossways shopping mall on Rockeby Road, Subiaco. It’s quite lovely in there, they have wool/yarn as well as fabrics and patterns. I may have mentioned before how much I love being in fabric stores… there are hardly any around anymore and they remind me of hanging out at my Mum’s work in the fabric department of Aherns when I was little. I would love to be able to sew, but that’s one for next year I think!

I always get a little bit excited in the physical presence of so many cool colours and textures of yarn, and feel a bit of an urgent need to buy everything at once, and work out what to make with it later (of course later realising that I don’t have enough and ending up with a much shorter scarf than I would have liked…). When I got to the counter today I had a bit of a child-in-lolly-shop moment… she told me the extortionate price for my four balls of wool and my little face fell and my eyes widened, staring over the innocent, soft little culprits with disbelief. She pointed out how much each ball was which then made a lot more sense… I’ve never been exceptionally good at addition. The lady told it was not too late: she could cancel the sale and remove some, but it was a bit late for that in my mind, so I assured her it was fine, experienced a fit of excessive head-nodding, and handed her my eftpos card.

But looook at them…

The cream colour-flecked yarn is for future baby booties, the peach is for a future attempt at another cowl, and the grey is of course for the man-helmet! … or beanie.

Have a lovely week πŸ™‚