For the love of fabric tins.

Ohhh I was spoilt this week at Grandma’s… just as the winter chill is kicking in there is nothing better than a roast. Well, unless it’s Grandma’s roast. She insisted that it was the worst meal cooked in the history of man, but it was incredible. When she stacked my plate up a mile high I thought I would never get through it, but I did friends. I did. And then fit in cake and custard.

Unfortunately I let the team down a bit because I forgot to measure the extremely large head in question, for us to start making preparations for the infamous beanie project. So no real progress was made there. I WILL remember this week though.

In the meantime, allow me to draw your attention to these little pretties that I prepared earlier:

Smile, girls.

Aren’t they lovely? I got the idea from a magazine I picked up a while ago when leaving Gatwick Airport for the long haul flight, it’s called Making, and I really like it as a magazine, wish we had something similar here… or maybe we do and I just haven’t been looking hard enough? I can’t make most of the stuff in there but it has little easy ideas slipped in and this was one of them. There were no instructions so I just made it up – tins, fabric, glue. Huzzah!

Unfortunately I don’t have a sewing machine so I need to hand-stitch the fabric to look nice and neat before I glue it on. So each of these babies takes me about an hour. That’s right, I said an hour. That may include slight intervals of making tea, burning my fingers on the iron and sewing the fabric on to my skirt, but nonetheless, an hour. You can see why they are each so important to me.

 Very excited today as I am heading to the Perth Upmarket with one of my very lovely friends to check out local handcrafted wares. I think there’s food too… yum!

Have a lovely week x