Completed Diana: Pride and Glory.

Yes, that’s right friends, that day has come. She has been completed.


Despite the many setbacks; splitting yarn, incomprehensible instructions, an incompetent creator… she is born. And I think she’s the cutest thing ever 🙂 Now I have some thoughts about where she might go… but we shall see. Whatever baby earns her will have to prove some serious credentials.

Now, what next?? Grandma and I discussed some options, but having never made a beanie before, this looks to be our next project. This is a particularly innovative project, as we shall seek to make a beanie large enough to fit my boyfriend’s over-sized head. So over-sized it is, that he has been unable to buy a beanie to fit his large melon in the average store. But put the tissue boxes away, the problem shall soon (hopefully) be remedied.

Grandma and I did peruse some patterns but are yet to choose. I’m thinking, man helmet?

Oh yeah, you remember this guy…

Perhaps not. But we have chosen a wool I think should do nicely, a 12 ply charcoal grey from my new favourite online store that allows me to pop over and pick up the wool myself; The Wool Shack. Even if you aren’t in the area I do recommend it – their wool is beautiful. I made this scarf for my housemate last month with some 20 ply wool from there.

Hopefully I’ll have a pattern for the next venture to post up next week!

Happy Sunday xxx