Hedgehogs, Heat-packs and Harmony.

The last few weeks have been very hectic with work, Uni and starting my Prac. Nonetheless, I make sure I go and see Grandma every week, not because I’m a particularly dutiful grand-daughter, but, rather selfishly, because you can never underestimate the importance of Grandma TLC.

This week is a prime example. Although Grandma reprimanded me for visiting her in the first place during a busy time, and continued to reprimand me every time I accidently yawned for severe lack of sleep… she couldn’t have understood how much I appreciated the chance to just sit around, catch up on knitting and the latest world-news-according-to-Grandma, and watch her phaff about the kitchen.

That night I went home with a container of her popular home-made Hedgehogs, and a home made wheat pack, one for me and one for my housemate!

Yum! I go to town on these… never last more than two days.

Home made heatpack! Machine sewn with Corduroy and wheat bulk-bought from City Farmers.

Later, when I was curled up in bed with a good book about 70-year-old ex-showgirls (Wise Children by Angela Carter – I’m only half-way through but I recommend it!), a belly full of Hedgehogs, a glorious warm heat pack pressed to my aching lower back, and a cup of warm milk and honey (recommended by Grandma), I felt like I could melt into sleep. And a little like an Eighty-year-old woman. But what’s wrong with that? I slept like a baby. Until I woke up, crusted milk on my upper lip, squinting and struggling out of the foetal position, needing a pee.

The Diana is making very slow progress, friends. No pictures this week – Diana is too embarrassed. Admittedly I did get a bit done this week, following the instructions myself while Grandma finished off those delicious Hedgehogs… but then when Grandma came to check on me it was already too late… I had clearly botched it. Diana is currently spending the week at Grandma’s for her own bit of TLC.

Have a lovely week 🙂