Lesson Ten: Progress is a Delicate Thing.

Excuse the extreme radio silence (I know you all noticed a gaping hole in your lives…); with Uni back in full swing and a new job it’s hard to find the time to get my craft on these days. Visits to Grandma continue don’t you worry, but once I’m home the main priority is sleep or study it would seem. However, it’s the holidays! Yay Easter! And here is a little update on the progress of Diana.

In all her glory

I bet you thought I would have been finished by now! How wrong you were. Indeed a Matinee Jacket, like a fine wine… well you get the idea.

Excuse the romantic lighting… as Grandma now has full access rights to Diana and keeps her at her house… all pics need to be taken there, and it’s always a bit late by the time I hit the road. I have included all pieces here (can you spot the sleeve? Eeee it looks like a real sleeve!), because my boyfriend very bravely admitted to me recently that he was under the impression that each time I display a completed piece of the jacket here, it looks like I’m just showing the same piece over and over. Hurumph. So here we have back, sides, a sleeve, and the beginning of a second sleeve… just in case any of you were under the same impression. I cant remember what piece comes next… But hopefully we should be able to put them all together soon.

And who will the lucky baby be? My planned second option is currently brewing in the belly of a good friend in Ireland… however the more I thought about this the more it seemed like a terrible idea. I’ve seen what her mother and sister-in-law can knit… they are amazing. If I were to send the slightly wonky, amateur Diana to this couple, I feel she would be cruelly mocked and hidden in a cupboard somewhere. I discussed this with Grandma and she agreed whole-heartedly (a little too whole-heartedly?), and suggested it was one for the ‘glory box’. Aw, that’s a little bit too sweet to resist. Future child: await thy destiny. The new proud owner of a Matinee Jacket. For all the Matinees we shall attend in royal knitted attire. Oh yes.

Grandma is doing very well, though I can see she is now impatient for us to finish our first and only project. She is very focused on task and will even interrupt her story-telling to consult the pattern and advise me of what to do next.

I often ask Grandma what she’s working on because I love seeing what she makes and now that I have started knitting for myself, I’m always in awe of how easily she seems to create intricate patterns in her knitting, patchwork quilts, and cross stitch. Of course she is always quick to point out all the faults to me, and will never accept praise. At the moment she is working on a baby blanket for my cousin, and she is in the final stages of knitting around and around the circular pattern. She told me (without a hint of frustration) that it takes her two and a half hours to complete each round. I’ll post a photo of it next week, it’s amazing.

I love Grandma’s sewing room and took the opportunity to take a picture of her cotton reels below, I love all of the colours and the display stand they’re on. Do people still use these? Maybe I’m just ignorant. But I think they’re gorgeous. Grandma was laughing at me while I took the pictures and thought I was mad, of course.