Lesson Seven: Printed Material Also Goes Viral

I’m back! Well, I’ve been back a while… I’ve just been lazy. And hot. The heat wave in Perth at the moment is affecting both my ability to think and my ability to knit. My Grandma’s response when I visited last week and admitted I’d forgotten to bring the knitting was, “Oh thank goodness!”

Anyway, I digress.

Returning to Perth after my holidays was bittersweet but mostly sweet. A small part of what I like about holidaying is coming home, because for at least a day I see my hometown through different eyes and appreciate all of the things I take for granted on a daily basis. Now it’s been a few weeks… I feel like I never left, and am complaining about the 42 degree heat with the best of them.

Aw, I love you P Town (Sunset at Cottesloe Beach).

It was also really nice to see Grandma. She was so excited to have me home. She has made me promise to stay home for Christmas next year and stop flying off to spend it elsewhere. I gave her the gift I bought… admittedly a daggy tea-towel with Irish recipes on it, but it was the best I could do. Grandma told me she had been to Ireland once which I never realised… she and my Grandfather had met up with family of his in Belfast in the late 1970’s. I raised my eyebrows at this and asked if it was safe at the time. She shrugged and said she remembered sandbags out the front of the Pubs but nothing more.

I’ve actually seen Grandma twice since I’ve been back, but we can merge this into one ‘lesson’, particularly as I forgot to bring the knitting on my second visit. As I mentioned Grandma was pretty pleased with this on the 30-degree-heat night with only an ancient fan to keep her cool, but when I suggested that maybe it’s getting too hot for her to do knitting lessons, she pointed out that it’s only me stuck doing the knitting most of the time. Too true.

I’m a bit worried about Grandma in the heat, even called her from work once to check on her and make sure she was drinking enough water. Her response was, “Gallons! This old girl’s managing alright!”

Something that has changed in my departure was something I didn’t expect… remember I said I printed out a copy of the blog thus far for Grandma? Well in my absence, she’s read it over and over, and quotes it all the time. I was a little worried that this might make her self conscious of her actions or our conversations, for example when she said the blog made her realise we chat more than knit, and advised me early in the visit to get out the knitting. However, two hours later and only about three rows completed, I knew this wouldn’t be an issue.

Grandma's version of Orange n Cloves

Grandma loves the blog, which is really flattering. However, not everyone in the social circle feels the same. Grandma, in her excitement, has lent this would-be paper manuscript out to her friends, to her sister. It has gone viral in the crafting circle. Apparently they are not too impressed. One lady would like to have a word with me about my indulgence in describing the craft ladies ‘resting on their walking frames’. I will have to approach the craft ladies with care in future. Grandma doesn’t mind though, exclaiming, “Hello! It’s called poetic license!”

Diana has progressed some, although stunted from my poor memory (I think it may have melted into my shoes that day), on our first lesson back Grandma left me to complete some at home. I am coming to the realisation now that Diana is taking so long to complete that it will no longer fit my friend’s growing baby. Hence, Diana will have to be saved for the next newborn to arrive in my midst (the nation goes silent as a sea of women attempt to procreate in a desperate attempt to claim the Diana…).