Lesson Six: Sewing is Not for the Faint-Hearted (or Heavy-Footed).

Another mountain of clothing this week, this time from Grandma’s winter collection; wool skirts and two-piece sets and jackets… amazing. This one is by far my favourite, and just in time for my winter holiday in Ireland next week!

Oh I love it so much...

There were also these dresses from last time I’ve managed to take some snaps of:

This was Grandma's favourite dress... I love the material between the pleats

A bit bright but I am certain I can find just the right occasion for a Canary Yellow dress!

I can't breathe in this skirt but it's so pretty...

Lastly there was a dress from the Seventies that just needed some new elastic sewn into the sleeves to bring them back to their former puffy glory… I asked Grandma last week to hold off doing this and wait until I visited next, so I could watch. I don’t have much sewing skills so I figured every bit must help, right? What I didn’t realise was the slight misunderstanding that took place here; because Grandma sat me in front of the sewing machine this week to do it myself.

I find sewing a little bit scary. Knitting is a wonderfully slow process for a wonderfully… contemplative mind (You thought I was going to say slow mind, there didn’t you?? That hurts). Sewing, on the other hand, is a little too fast when you’ve no idea what you’re doing, especially when that speed is reliant on the gentle pressure changes of my foot. Whose idea was that? What other creative activity requires hand and foot coordination?

I think I’m a pretty straight and competent sewer, but this is all mucked up by my foot always being out of sync with my hands. Sometimes I’ll press down too hard and the machine starts chewing through the material like a greedy Piranha, and I’ll continue to scream until I’ve managed to release my foot enough for it to go back to a comfortable pace. It’s a little bit traumatic.

First demo

So I did panic a little when Grandma sat me down to sew, but I must say I didn’t completely botch it. Well done me. And this was while Grandma decided to become a little passionate while discussing our ‘Throw-Away Society”; standing over me at the sewing machine making grand gestures with her hands – a pair of scissors in one of them. And so I managed to sew elastic into the sleeves of the dress whilst subtly ducking-and-weaving the pair of scissors, and of course remaining empathetic to the downfall of society.

Check out the puff in those sleeves. Need more puff in your sleeves? I work freelance. Email me.

Not bad hey? Still, however much I’d like to be able to sew, it never really appeals to me as much as other crafts. Despite the high-speed nature, I find it a little boring.

We did manage to get some time to work on Diana also, we’ve started the back of the jacket now… home stretch people!

Baby Got Back.