Lesson Five: Try not to steal all of Grandma’s clothes.

Another knitting lesson lacking a little on the knitting side, this week. But fun nonetheless.

Grandma is going a little crazy on the wardrobe blitz now. It’s possibly getting out of control. After last weeks’ gems, this week I arrived to a small mountain of clothing, these from a slightly later period in the seventies and a couple from the eighties. I’m now finding myself taking a sneak peek into her wardrobe just to check she is going to have any clothes left. She assures me she will never be wearing these dresses again, and she’s excited to see myself and my sister wear them. She also said she would like me to start taking pictures of myself wearing them so she can keep these. Hello Eighties photo shoot 🙂

There is one pink dress in the collection that looks incredibly like the one Molly Ringwald wore to the Prom in ‘Pretty in Pink’. Grandma doesn’t understand why this fact makes me squeal like a deranged teenybopper, but any eighties child that grew up watching that movie would have done the same. (Right? Right?)

She has kept most of them at her place this week for odd alterations and the like, so I’ll put up some photos next week.

I want to BE her. (pic from http://www.latimesmagazine.com)

Something that surprised me is that Grandma has made some of these clothes; a little fact that she didn’t even think worth mentioning. Two such creations are the previously named ‘Spotty Susan’, and the un-named shirt. Naturally I was pretty impressed by this and kept gushing to Grandma that I couldn’t believe she had MADE these… but she shook her head vigorously and furrowed her eyebrows, insisting that they really weren’t anything to be proud of.

Shy of beginning to challenge my Grandma on an obviously deluded sense of self worth, I realised that for Grandma and the time she has lived in, this really was no big deal.

Perhaps one day a Granddaughter will look at me with the same incredulous admiration when she randomly witnesses me write my name WITH AN ACTUAL PEN. Shudder at the thought.

Grandma has said before that she can’t remember when she and her sister learnt to knit. She can’t remember her own mother knitting very often so it seemed unlikely they would have learnt from her. Grandma guessed she could have learnt at school. It amazes me that with the extent of Grandma’s skills in knitting, that she could have built this all from some simple lessons early on in her schooling. God knows I learnt to sew in Home Ec and I still can’t even thread a machine on my own. Perhaps the skills are transferrable from craft to craft… like musical instruments. Oh I really hope that happens to me.

In fairness though it seems that Grandma may have taken her knitting to the next level, even when most mothers probably were quite capable of knitting, like herself. My Dad recalls being sent to school in knitted school jumpers. Where Grandma had mimicked the basic colour and pattern of the school’s jumper, Dad and his brother had felt all too aware that their hand-made uniform was hardly a complete replica of all their friends’ bought ones. Perhaps a few grades thicker, perhaps lacking in the finer embroidered details that would have made it possible for them to blend in with the other children; those spawn of the next generation.

Poor little buggers.

A little more work completed on the Diana this week too. We’ll be ready to do the sleeves next week, if we don’t get caught up with more dress-ups…

Taking shape!