Chubby Nostalgia

Our lesson was postponed this week, due to the busy time surrounding my cousin getting married on Friday.

I had already discussed with Grandma my plan to wear a dress of hers to the wedding; one she had forgotten she had given me when she presented myself and my sister with two dresses a couple of years ago, and told us we could have one each. Being slightly more height-advantaged than my older sister, I scored the longer one. It’s a gorgeous dress but tricky to pick an appropriate occasion for; a wedding seemed perfect.

Grandma was a little dubious about me wearing the dress – she seems to suffer a reverse nostalgia effect of often remembering herself as chubbier and less pretty than she actually was. She said surely the dress wouldn’t fit me, but actually, rather than falling off me like an oversized toga as Grandma predicted… it’s in fact a little snug. Like almost-couldn’t-do-up-the-zipper snug.

Laughing through the zipper pain...

Sorry I don’t have a better picture of the dress…the dress is currently having some down time and not in my possession for a photo shoot. Perhaps I can take one later. I’ll accept requests. For a fee. In fact in the current financial times, for a small fee I will show up at your house wearing Grandma’s dress, and do a little jig. Sound good? Email me.

Anyway, when we got to the wedding Grandma was so impressed with my donning her dress that she felt inspired to dig out a few other treasures from her wardrobe to see if me and my sister would like them. To my horror, Grandma was about to put these gems into the Op Shop void, probably destined to be purchased by some opportunistic hipsters and re-sold at a Mt Lawley festival for a price three times higher than my clothing budget would allow.

So here they are in all their glory, oh-so-professionally hung from the back of my wardrobe cupboard…admittedly not doing them much justice, but you get the point. I’m more than a little bit excited about wearing them!

I call this one, "Stripey Susan"

"Frilly Francis"

"Dotty Deloris"


...I got nothing.