To Begin…

Why am I writing a blog.

I’m the last person who should be writing a blog. “Blog” in itself still seems like a silly word to me. I’ve no idea where the word originated from and I’m sure you all do… I’m known among friends as being a bit of a technological Nanna; I’m still mourning the loss of VHS, I’m only just now coming to terms with the fact that I may have to switch to MP3’s before they stop selling CD players… and I only just updated my brick of a phone at the beginning of the year. Even then, the girl selling it to me saw the fear in my eyes and advised that she wasn’t going to try to sell me a touch phone because within hours I would be “crouched in a corner rocking myself back and forth chewing on my hands”. Fair point.

I suppose in the last few months I’ve branched out a bit: internet shopping (thank you for stealing all my money), YouTube knitting tips and Yoga classes, and very recently… blogs. I wanted to start reading some blogs. I have friends who read blogs. I have friends who write blogs. I always ask them questions about it as if I were Christopher Lloyd, wide-eyed with flailing white hair in “Back to the Future”. Have I responded to the concept of starting up your own blog willy-nilly on the internet with the words, “Great Scot”? Perhaps.

I searched “Female blogs”, trying to get some intellectual insight from ladies smarter than me (not difficult). There seemed to be a lot of women writing about childbirth and weddings. Not quite what I was looking for. A blog-savvy friend has since pointed me towards better sources. I’m learning as I go.

Having said that, I’m not really sure I’m capable of adding anything inspirational to the ether of blog-world. Can I say that? Blog-world? Never mind, it’s done. I guess I had an idea for a blog that would both fill the quota of me trying something new (ie. Writing a blog), force me to get more serious about something I would like to improve upon, and also just share some lovely stories. Something I can write about that will make me happy even if none of you scumbags read it. But if you’re reading this of course, you’re not a scumbag. You’re ace. Let’s be friends.

So I’m going to write about two things I love and that make me happy: Knitting, and my 80 year old Grandma. Yes, tune out now, hipsters. It’s ok I’m not offended (I am).

When I returned from a lengthy overseas jaunt two years ago this month, I had a newfound desire to learn new things. Getting my Grandma to teach me how to knit was one of them. Two years later, I can still only knit in straight lines. Knit, Purl, Cast on, Cast off, button hole… yeah that’s it. This is evidence of my laziness only, not my Grandma’s lack of expertise as a teacher.

I was looking into a professional class recently and it was about $200 for six weeks. I did actually consider it, knowing that if I paid some mean lady who would be angry at me if I didn’t come every week, not like sweet old Grandma with her “Oh that’s alright darling!”, I would probably learn some things.

But then I came to my senses and thought, not only would it be much cheaper to just visit my Grandma more often, it would also be much more enjoyable. See, one of the reasons I don’t visit my Grandma to get our knit on more often is because I have to dedicate about half a day to it each time. We get chatting, and time passes pretty quickly. Usually it’s two hours before the knitting needles even come out.

So yes, that’s right non-knitters (may you hang your dirty heads in shame), there’s something in here for you too. I thought that in documenting both my knitting experiences, projects and new things I’m learning, it will be very easy also to share the wonderful stories that my Grandma often shares with me during this time. Often she leaves me to get on with the knitting while she talks and talks. Grandma is never short of words. And I love to listen to her. Whether it’s stories of her nursing days in Sydney, of my Dad when he was young, of the latest gossip in the Quilting circle, or whichever politician she recently has beef about… I always leave with a warm fuzzy feeling, and I thought it would be nice to share that.

My goal is to get good enough at knitting/ crochet to be able to sell stuff on Etsy. I really like the idea but at the moment am not confident enough with the quality of what I produce. It’s ok to knit scarves and headbands for myself and my friends, and patch things up if they come loose… but not to sell to strangers and discredit my knitting name. No sir.

Now I just have to ask for her permission to do it. Needless to say that while I’m still getting my idea around the blogging concept, it is going to BLOW GRANDMA’S MIND. Of course all identities will need to be protected. Quilting circle’s names will have to be changed to protect the innocent. But I think we will make do. We’ll see.

Blog out.