Cosy knits just in time for Summer

  I’m nothing if not blissfully unaware of my position in time and space. A day does not go by when I don’t find myself asking someone what the date is. I am… Continue reading

Lesson 22: Know Your Limits.

Well, the time has come to admit defeat, to swallow my pride, to say goodbye, to Ms. Vesty. At least for a little while. She’s been good, the old girl… kept me company,… Continue reading

Lesson 21: How to make a yarn store.

So it’s no secret that I think that owning a yarn store would be the single best thing to do with your life, ever. You’ve seen them; those nonchalant ladies behind the counter,… Continue reading

Guest Blogger!

Hey kids, my lovely friend Nyasha was nice enough to ask me to be a guest blogger on her website! You can checkout it out here. Have a lovely day!

Lesson Twenty: Vest Type of Therapy.

Oh my it has been a long while. I’d like to say that I’ve been lazy, but unfortunately I’ve just been a big ball of unattractive stress. Gross. But what I failed to… Continue reading

Lesson Nineteen: How to spend your pocket money in the 1940’s.

Just a quick update this week, to show you this growing girl: She’s coming along! Last week I actually remembered to take her to Grandma’s who was most impressed with my progress and… Continue reading

Lesson Eighteen: Desserts of Olde.

I had a wealth of things to bring to Grandma’s this week: 1. A jar of Dukkah. 2. A tin of Salmon. 3. Ms. Vesty. The first is a gift from my weekend… Continue reading

What is true self control?

  My friend in high school used to make Mars Bar Slice. I would always beg her to make it, for any occasion that arose, but when she (subtly) handed me the recipe,… Continue reading

Lesson 17: How to Identify a Modern Song

Ok, so after some extensive correcting on Grandma’s part (of my mistakes… yes I let her do the fun bits), we’re back on track with Ms. Vesty. I’ve absolved never to watch TV… Continue reading

Lesson Sixteen: How to be 82 at 28

  Despite the lack of evidence to back up this theory; I like to think my tendency to behave like a Nanna is endearing. When I drive 20km below the speed limit, when… Continue reading